KCFM Right Up Your Street

This week I did my final photo shoot for my documentary project with KCFM.  I accompanied Breakfast Show presenter Matt as he approached members of the public for the Right Up Your Street feature.

We met in the Prospect Centre shopping mall with Mel, a member of the Street Team, and a couple of Christmas elves to look for people that Matt could chat with. On this occasion they were particularly looking to talk to people with small children as the Christmas elves, who worked for the Prospect Centre, were giving out vouchers in envelopes that were suited to this demographic.

Matt and Mel usually take photos on their mobile phones that they can then add to the station website so, from me, they were looking for better quality photos that showed the presenter interacting with his listeners.

It was much more relaxed that the other events I have attended with KCFM and I hope that the photographs reflect that. The team were much more aware of my presence and, without me asking, stood in a position where I could photograph them clearly. I think also that having worked with the KCFM team a few times now they were comfortable with me being around and confident that I would get the photos they wanted.