Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have heard about how lovely it is at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I thought that an early autumn day would be the perfect day to check it out.

It has been some time since I took my camera out for the day so this weekend I thought I would remedy that this weekend. I have heard about how lovely it is at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I thought that an early autumn day would be the perfect day to check it out.

With over 500 acres of land, some great sculptures by lots of artists including Anthony Gormley, Ai Weiwei, Henry Moore and several cafes and picnic areas it is easy to spend a full day there.

These are a few of the photos that I took and there was so much more that i didn’t get round to seeing.

I would highly recommend going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a day out with the camera. The park is free to get in and while the all day parking is £8, profits do go towards the upkeep of this very special park.

National Armed Forces Day 2016 Part 2

Some photos of the people that attended #ArmedForces Day this weekend #AFDNEL16

The whole point of going to the Armed Forces Day this weekend was to take some photographs of the crowds and of the people that attended the show, and between the displays that is what I tried to do. Here are a few of my favourites.

National Armed Forces Day 2016

After a week of tonsillitis, resting and not speaking I have been going stir crazy, so I thought a bit of fresh sea air might aid my recuperation. My train pass is going out of date at the end of this month so to make the most of the last few days of it at the weekend I jumped on a train and headed to Cleethorpes.

It happened to be National Armed Forces Day and while I had headed there with the intention of photographing the people watching the displays I was so impressed with what I saw going on over the sea that I kept getting distracted.

As I arrived, a team of Marines were invading the beach but the crowds were too deep for me to get much of a view but the noise and gun smoke drifted all across the promenade.

Armed Forces Day-32

I found myself in a better position to watch the Falcons Parachute Display Team although I couldn’t quite see them landing. There was some low cloud so they jumped from 5,000 feet did one of their famous stacks and landed on the beach in front of the leisure centre.

It was the Red Arrows Display Team that impressed me most though. They performed all manner of acrobatic displays at 400 miles an hour or more and in some cases at around 6 g force. Listening to the wows and sharp intakes of breath of those around me really added to the atmosphere. The cloud was beginning to clear and they were able to perform their full display.

After a fish and chip lunch I hung around to watch the Chinook display before getting the train home again.

It was good day and I could happily have stayed longer but thought I shouldn’t stay out too long after being poorly.


I couldn’t resist reposting this blog post from Anete Sooda after she came to photograph some of my family history. It has nothing to do with any of my projects but I am very pleased with the photos she has created.

NOTE: This is back dated to w/c 21st of March As for this week – it was time to stop milking Latvia’s photographs and continue working on project. One of the back-up ideas was to photograph memoriums of people passed away. I have mentioned before that my idea involves items related to the person- photographs, […]

via WEEKLY REFLECTION #13 — anetesooda

Book Evaluation

I had fun doing this assignment. Once I had spent several weeks ‘thinking about’ what to include in my portfolio book I decided to focus on my humanitarian images, an area of my photography that I hadn’t really done much with during the course so far.

I am quite familiar with InDesign but had never used it to create a book. I chose to create a book that is to be printed by G F Smith and used their basic MakeBook Template as a guide. It was quite straight forward to use and all I had to do was decide on a layout for each page and place my photographs and text.

I sent my finished book in pdf format to G F Smith and asked for their advice on improvements that I could make to it.

This was the response I received from Nick Barnes: “I had a good look at your design and all looks good to me, I cannot see any issues at all. 

The only thing I would recommend is that if and when you wanted us to print that you send the full packaged files, including Links/Documents folders. Printing from a pdf isn’t a problem as we would make print ready but I feel the end result is better from the high resolution jpg’s.”

So I need to remember that to get the best quality print for my book I will need to send the InDesign file and all the linked documents. This is easily done using File/Package.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.16.48

Although I can’t afford the £130 it would normally cost to have this book printed G F Smith has offered to give me a discount and I hope to be able to print it in the new year. If I am happy with it and think that it is suitable to show future employers/clients I will consider printing other books that show other areas of my work, including a wedding book.

G F Smith has also agreed to print one of my photographs on four different types of paper so that I can see the differences for myself and adjust the colour if I need to.

The most challenging part of this assignment was trying to contact a professional photographer. I wanted to contact someone who does some sort of humanitarian type photography so a tutor recommended someone from Hull who runs a photography project in Asia. I contacted her straight away and received a prompt reply saying that she would be pleased to meet me but was just going off to Thailand for a few weeks and would I contact her when she gets back. I followed her adventures on Facebook and contacted her again when she got back but by then she was very busy and said she no longer had time to answer my questions. This was a real shame but the tutor that recommended her to me has offered to invite her into class one day so that we can talk to her then.

By now I was running out of time so a couple of tutors recommended another couple of photographers and I had another couple that I had researched and I contacted them all. One photographer responded almost immediately, Christopher Mason. He is a photographer and lecturer who specialises in photobooks. I found his response to be very useful and a bit challenging. I will certainly be considering his words when I make my next book!

I have also shown my book to my classmates. Virtually all of the feedback was positive and included comments like “The images look great”, “Well laid out” and “Looks really clear.” Only one person suggested a change when they said that they thought four photos on a page looked cluttered and while I have considered this, I disagreed and have left the layout as originally designed.


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