Wedding Tags

This weekend I took the official photos at a friend’s wedding. I thought it would be a good opportunity to promote myself and perhaps make a little money through the sale of the photos.

It was quite a large wedding with over 250 invited guests so I needed to find an affordable solution. In the end I decided to create some half size business cards that showed the web address of where guests could see the official wedding photos. They were sized at 85cm x 27.5cm and printed on both sides on standard business card stock of 300gsm. If I was paid for photographing a wedding I would include the cost of textured, embossed or even laminated cards in my fee but as I was photographing voluntarily on this occasion I kept things basic.

The cards were designed in Illustrator using the purple and blue branding that I have chosen and included a photograph of the couple that I took at their engagement. I had them printed at KallKwik in Hull.

WeddingTags_Bus Card Insert Front
Wedding Tag

The cards were left casually on tables and available on a table by the door near a basket of wedding favours for guests to collect on their way out.

The cards seemed to go very well. At one point I went around the room and gave out some cards personally; they were well received with several people saying that they looked forward to seeing the official photos. Only one person gave the card back to me saying “you haven’t taken my photo so I won’t take a card.”

Because I knew there were going to be a lot of guests at the wedding I had 200 cards printed. I had a lot left over so in the future I think I will only need to have enough cards printed for just over half of the guests. Many of the guests at weddings are couples or families and only need one card between them.

I designed the cards with 3mm of bleed all around them but they have been cut very closely to some of the words, possibly because of the way that the printer laid out multiple copies before he printed them.

I also needed to proof read the cards a little more thoroughly as I have since found an error in the phone number on the cards.

Corporate Brand Developments

Pleased with my corporate brand design and the layout of some of my stationery, I have taken the design a little further, correcting some mistakes I found and developing other stationery items.

I have now decided to have a business card with a sleeve in order to support any wedding work that I may get. I aim to have my details on the sleeve and the unique web address were wedding guests can access the photos on the card inside.

I have also included a design for an envelope, a CD and CD sleeve and also some pen drives.


I have also created a suite of stationery items on a similar theme but in different colours that would be more suitable for commercial photography. The business card is slightly altered as it would be used more as a traditional business card rather than to convey a unique web address to a large number of people.


Corporate Brand

After several trial runs I finally decided on a logo, colours and now a stationery design too.

I have designed two versions of my logo and created each in both landscape and portrait to give me greater flexibility in the way that I use it. I like the block logo on a solid colour and I prefer the letters without the block on a photograph and as a watermark.

I have only shown the stationery designs below in one colour way but I would like to have printed a version in each colour in the range. I have also shown the stationery with one image on the reverse but I would like it printed with a range of different images.

Business Card Design

As a photographer in a creative industry, I want my business cards to be creative and to stand out. I’m not going to be part of a large organisation where my business cards need to conform to a standard format so I want them to reflect who I am and what I do.

The standard size for a business card is 85mm x 55mm, usually in landscape but it doesn’t have to be. I have seen cards of various shapes, sizes and with bits cut out or added on to them.

Square Business Cards
With rounded corners and a calendar
Folded Business Cards
Viewfinder Business Cards
Mini Business Cards
Fun Business Cards
Wooden Business Cards
Musical Business Cards

Here are a few cards I like that I think are targeted at a similar market to the one I want to target.


I’ve also checked out ‘The Best of Letterhead Design’ which has some good examples of well designed and innovative business cards.


Brand Identity

Having asked friends and family for their opinions on my logo designs I have finally got my choice down to two versions. The problem I have had is deciding on the colour that I want to use.

AJRlogoCol-10A lot of photographers choose to simply use black and white which would give a very professional and traditional look to my website, stationery and publicity. And while my logo works well in black and white, colour carries a lot of meaning and can help to convey something about my brand that black and white wouldn’t.


Someone suggested that they would like to see the logo in a bright tangerine orange on a grey background. I agree it looks quite nice but feels a bit younger and funkier than I am.

Another person suggested these yellow and brown colours. Again, I don’t mind them but but I’m also not blown away by them.


I had thought that navy blue would be a good colour. It represents loyalty, sincerity, confidence, peace, calm and most importantly trust. And I do like this combination of colour much better.

I also tried a few other colours to see what I thought before making a final decision.


I thought that this combination of blue and heather would be quite good for wedding photography and much more suitable for my target market. But I like the other versions too and can’t really make my mind up. Perhaps I will use a palette of colours that includes navy, grey, heather and blue.




This week we have been asked to consider fonts and which fonts we like or that seem to suit us.

When I first put my logo together I wanted a font that was elegant but modern and after looking around, chose Lane by Apostrophic Labs


I also wanted a handwriting font to use as a highlight and chose Loved by the King, designed by Kimberley Geshwein.

Loved by the King

Since looking again I quite like the font Argo by Anthony James. I like a lot of things that are art deco and this font, with a combination of thin and broad strokes has a lovely art deco feel. It does give a feeling of elegance, optimism and freedom but it also has a traditional feel which may give the illusion that my business has been around longer than it has.

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