Disability Games

I spent a fun packed day at the Disability Games in Scunthorpe, hosted at The Pods Leisure Centre by local and regional Rotary Clubs. It was a fantastic event with hundreds of people there from as far afield as Sheffield, Hull, Cleethorpes and Boston.

My friends and I were there to help run the New Age Kurling competition but as there were plenty of us I was able to spend some time around the venue checking out the different events.

This is a short video of some of the photos taken.


This week at Scunthorpe Baptist Church there was a baptism service where two of the members of my youth group were baptised. I took some photos of them and one or two of the other people that were baptised too.

The lighting in the church is very dark and very orange so I have converted the photographs to black and white to compensate.

These are some of the photos I took of the occasion.

Hull KR Charity Shirt

On Friday I went with Anete to take some photos of the new charity shirt that Hull KR launched this week. The strip is being sold to raise money for the Stanley Gene Foundation which raises money to improve the lives of communities in Papua New Guinea. The new strip is marking 20 years since Stanley Gene first came to the UK to play professional rugby.

Although the shoot wasn’t straight forward – some of the lights didn’t sync and one of the leads we were using didn’t work properly, Anete did manage to take some useful photographs which were immediately passed on to Hull KR who used them to launch the new shirt.

Some of the photos have already been used on the Hull KR website and in a press release to the Hull Daily Mail.

The new shirt is in the Papua New Guinea colours and features the country’s national bird, the Raggiana Bird of Paradise. It was an honour to be able to chat with Stanley Gene, who has played in three world cups, about his first days in the UK, and about the difference his charity is making.

Hull KR v St Helens

This week I was asked to return to the KC Lightstream Stadium and take some more behind the scenes photos at Hull KR’s game against St Helens.

This time, as well as capturing the general going’s on I planned to try and capture more of the emotion in the crowd. The match, was at night so I increased my ISO in order to compensate for the reduced light. At times I also had to use a wide aperture in order to capture the actions, this gave a narrow depth of field and enabled me to focus on one or two subjects with the crowd.

I again chose to use my Sony A77 with the 18 to 200 lens as this would give me the best wide angle and zoom but this time also swapped to use my 50 to 300mm lens so that I could take photos of one stand from another and be as unobtrusive as possible. I also used short bursts of continuous shooting so that I wouldn’t miss the key moments.

These are a few of the images I took this time.

Again, there wasn’t a lot of post-processing that I needed to do. There was a lot of editing and sifting out the photos that I had taken on continuous shooting though. There was the usual cropping and straightening and as I was shooting in different types I lighting I used the basic editing, camera calibration and sync tools to correct the colour.

ID2: The Sequel

I was recently given the opportunity to take some photograph on the set of a new movie that is being filmed in Hull. ID2: The Sequel is a follow on from a cult classic about football hooliganism. I was asked to take photos that could be used by Universal to help promote the film.

It wasn’t really what I expected. I needed to borrow a Canon camera and lenses from the college as these are particularly quiet and wont be picked up by the sensitive microphones on set. As the first scene was in a tight space and the camera man would be filming in a 360 degree range I wasn’t actually able to be near the actors, instead I found myself sitting on a table leaning over a window on a balcony trying to catch the action from above. One short scene seemed to go on fro absolutely ages as they filmed each action from several angles.

The second scene I attended was in Beverley, by a barge on the canal. I photographed a short scene at the beginning of the day and then hung around all day until I was able to photograph another short scene at the end of the day.

I am unable to post any photos here as I have signed them all over to Universal and it is all hush hush until the film is released. The only exception is this one photograph that I took and sent on to the Hull Daily Mail for publication yesterday. See the article here.

Simon Rivers filming ID2 on the MVSyntan in Beverley

It was a great opportunity to see what happens on a film set and to chat with producer Patrick Cassaveti, who trained in photography, about a career photographing on film sets.


Location Based Photographs

I’ve been asked to put together some examples of my best location based photographs. I’ve included some new and old favourites from various places that I hope shows the variety and quality of my work in both informal and formal situations.

Most of these photographs were taken discretely with just one or two taken following a nod of acknowledgement from the subject.

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