Chocolate Typologies

For the first part of my typologies assignment I chose a subject that I have a lot of interest in: chocolate bars.

I had borrowed a lighting kit from the college for some portraits that I had been asked to do so while they were handy, I set them up in my front room. I didn’t have a high table so I set up my ironing board and and a white paper backdrop that I had. I didn’t want to get chocolate all over the backdrop so I also used a white chopping board to rest the chocolates on.

Lighting sketch for chocolate typologies

The chocolate bars can look similar from the outside so I wanted to cut each one open and photograph the filling. I wanted to photograph each bar, end on and at an angle where the rest of the bar would not be seen.

I was using a 50mm fixed lens so that I wouldn’t be tempted to zoom in and out and so that each bar would be photographed to scale with the others. I set my camera on a tripod so that the lens was level with the chocolate bar and set the ISO to 50. Then I set the lights so that I could use f5.6 in order to get the whole of the end of the chocolate bar in focus.

Initially I used a serrated knife to cut through each chocolate bar but this left distracting marks on the chocolate, so I tried again with a sharp non-serrated knife. When I was happy with the images I used Photoshop to whiten the background and remove any shadows and crumbs.

This is my final image:

Chocolate Typologies
Chocolate Typology


Inspired by the work of Idris Khan, using Photoshop I have also created a layered image of all of the chocolate bars.

Layered Chocolate Image
Layered Chocolate Image


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