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For this assignment we were asked to create a business website.

Because there are several photographic areas that I plan to work in I have created three separate mini websites and an introduction site, that are all linked together. This is so that I can promote different areas of my business to different target markets. I have also used the same colours throughout the sites, as I developed for the branding assignment in Semester 1.

The introduction website uses the url and simply has a home page that contains some ‘about me’ information. I’ve included a ‘journal’ as a space for me to add news items and various photos that I take, I’ve also managed to include a copy of my Instagram feed. There is a ‘Contact Me’ page but for security reasons I have not included my home address (where my business is based), nor my phone number.

The next website uses the url and focuses on weddings and portraits. It has a home page with some text that I hope will entice people to choose me as their wedding photographer. The two other pages on the site contain photo galleries of featured weddings and featured portraits.

Then I have created a Documentary and Commercial website using the domain As for the wedding website, this also has a home page with a little text about my skills and past customers. The two other pages on the site contains galleries of featured documentaries and featured commercial photography.

The final website is for my travel photographs. Again, the domain is still being verified but should soon be available at The home page has some about me information and this is backed up by three pages each containing galleries for humanitarian, landscape and wildlife photographs. I have made some of the photographs available for sale by including a ‘Buy Photos’ button that links through to my Smugmug page – this page too has been branded with my new logo. On this site I have also included a page for my self-published books. Currently these have been made for specific teams that have taken part in the humanitarian trips that I have been on but I have plans to develop other books that will have a wider appeal.

All of the pages link through to my Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account.

Finally, I am now quite pleased with my website(s). Part way through this assignment I got a bit frustrated and thought that I was going to end up with a website that wasn’t really going to be of much use. However, now that I have the four sites I feel that I have something that is much more valuable to me. I can focus my promotion on any part of it and develop or drop services and products based on demand. I already have plans to develop the book section of the travel site with books that have a more general appeal and on the wedding site to offer a wedding planning service and as I have linked up with a local friend who offers wedding and event decorations for hire I will arrange reciprocal site links from that page.

I have also added in a regular appointment to my diary for website review. Although I may have handed my website in and completed my assignment, if this is site going to be of use to me it will never be finished and I will need to keep reviewing, updating and tweaking it to keep it relevant and meeting the needs of my target markets.

Please see the following blog entries for further background to this assignment.

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