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These are the final images for the Branding Assignment.

After visiting G F Smith, the paper mill in Hull, and chatting with them about different paper types, I have decided which paper I would like my stationery to be printed on. I quite like their Original Gmund cotton range but I think their Colorplan range would be more suitable.

Colorplan comes in a range of 50 colours and their lavender and new blue papers match my colour scheme quite well.

For the letterhead I would like the paper to be white but to be a little heavier and more luxurious than normal, perhaps 135gsm or even slightly thicker. For the business card sleeve and CD sleeve 350gsm would be good. I would love 540gsm for the business cards but as I will need to print so many of them I think probably 350gsm would be just as good.

Colorplan comes in a range of textures and I particularly like their silkweave texture.

It would be nice too if it was possible to laminate the logo throughout the range of stationery items but this would of course depend on price.

Please see the following blog entries for further background to this assignment.

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