Seeing the World

For my final submission I have used to create a book of 45 photos from my documentary project with KCFM. They are not necessarily all of the best photos that I have taken, but they are the photos that tell the story best.

I have chosen to print my book with a single photograph on each side of the page but have carefully chosen photos that compliment one another and tell the story of the radio station’s activities over the past couple of months. I chose to have the book printed on pro line pearl photo paper as this was recommended for books that contain lots of photos. I haven’t used any headings as I felt that would break the flow of the book and I have chosen to put all of the captions at the back of the book, like Robert Frank did in his book ‘The Americans.’

I am reasonably pleased with the book, I am disappointed that the photos have printed much darker than I anticipated but I like the layout and am satisfied with the photos that I have chosen.

Hull’s Local Ra…
By Alison Robinson
Photo book


I will hand in three A3 prints, one each of the following. I have chosen one image of an empty studio, one of the presenters at work and one of the news presenter preparing a soundbite. I could have chosen any three but I think these three are highlights of a radio station.

I have chosen to present them with a wide white border as this suits all of the images as a set and draws the viewers eye into the photograph without distraction.

It was lovely to hear someone from KCFM say that I was a great member of the team now, and I am particularly pleased that they have counted some of my photos worthy of appearing on their website.

Planning and Photo shoots:


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