A sunny day in Aldeburgh

The other weekend I spent a sunny few hours in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. It is a lovely, if stoney, beach that seemingly goes on for miles. I had the chance to walk around for a bit with my camera but unfortunately didn’t quite make it to Maggi Hambling’s beach sculpture.

I understand that Alde Burgh means ‘Old Fort’ but there is no evidence of a fort today as the landscape has changed over the years and what was once an important tudor marine town has mostly been lost to the sea. Now it is a place where people look to purchase a second or holiday home and where expensive boutiques, pretty gift shops and notable fish and chip shops line the main street. It is famous as being the home of composer Benjamin Britten and his partner Peter Pears and also as the place where Francis Drake’s Golden hind was built.

These are a few of the photos I took. They are a bit more saturated than I would usually choose but after a visit to the Martin Parr exhibition I felt that it was time for a little more colour!


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