National Armed Forces Day 2016

After a week of tonsillitis, resting and not speaking I have been going stir crazy, so I thought a bit of fresh sea air might aid my recuperation. My train pass is going out of date at the end of this month so to make the most of the last few days of it at the weekend I jumped on a train and headed to Cleethorpes.

It happened to be National Armed Forces Day and while I had headed there with the intention of photographing the people watching the displays I was so impressed with what I saw going on over the sea that I kept getting distracted.

As I arrived, a team of Marines were invading the beach but the crowds were too deep for me to get much of a view but the noise and gun smoke drifted all across the promenade.

Armed Forces Day-32

I found myself in a better position to watch the Falcons Parachute Display Team although I couldn’t quite see them landing. There was some low cloud so they jumped from 5,000 feet did one of their famous stacks and landed on the beach in front of the leisure centre.

It was the Red Arrows Display Team that impressed me most though. They performed all manner of acrobatic displays at 400 miles an hour or more and in some cases at around 6 g force. Listening to the wows and sharp intakes of breath of those around me really added to the atmosphere. The cloud was beginning to clear and they were able to perform their full display.

After a fish and chip lunch I hung around to watch the Chinook display before getting the train home again.

It was good day and I could happily have stayed longer but thought I shouldn’t stay out too long after being poorly.