Russian History in Photographs

A fascinating new website has recently become available that illustrates Russian history between 1860 and 1999 using both professional and amateur photographs gathered from museums, newspapers, private collections and even visitors to the website.

With over 70,000 photos in the collection it covers everything from fashion, family life, business, culture, arts, architecture and military images. You can set the website to search photos between two dates or use a key word or theme to search a particular topic. In addition you can gather images into your own curated exhibition adding text and comments to enhance your viewer’s experiences.

I think it is a fascinating site and well worth a mooch through. You can easily lose an hour or two going from one topic to another. I couldn’t get the search function to work but as the site is in Russian and I was searching for things in English that’s not surprising. You will get on much better if you ensure that Google translate or other translating service is turned on.

To see more go to Russian History in Photographs.