Final Major Project Reflection 21

We were planning to meet up and check on the exhibition photos on Tuesday but a job interview meant that I couldn’t make it. It was just as well because by the end of the day the batons for my images were still not ready. I understand that the wall panels we are going to be using for the exhibition were filled, sanded and touched up with emulsion but that is all that was able to be done at the time.

I offered to go in on Wednesday instead but thankfully my tutor offered to quickly glue the batons on my prints in order to save me a journey over to Hull. I replied with a swift ‘whoo hoo’ when I received a message to say that they were done and drying. I instead spent the day catching up on this blog and proofing some of the pen portraits that the group had written about themselves for display at the exhibition.

This is the group information that Anete and I wrote between us. “BA (Hons) Photography is a three year journey for students of Hull School of Art & Design to learn all aspects of photography, develop their skills using a wide range of equipment and facilities, and seize the opportunity to work with potential clients, demonstrating their talent to businesses in Yorkshire and beyond. The group has worked collaboratively, taking up work opportunities offered through the college and some created by themselves including working with Hull Kingston Rovers, Alan Johnson MP, VVVintage clothing shops, Beverley Races Season Opening, Garthwest, Freedom Festival and others. During the third year seven students have worked towards this Final Major Project, taking up a variety of projects that interest them and develops skills they began to learn in earlier years of the course. They group members have worked together as a team to host this final exhibition and they hope you will take away a Lasting Impression of their photographs.”

And this was the information I wrote about myself “I am a student studying BA (Hons) Photography at Hull School of Art & Design. I have an interest in many different types of photography but particularly travel documentary and wedding photography. Throughout the course I have taken every opportunity to gain hands on photography experience and have particularly enjoyed working with KCFM, Hull Kingston Rovers and Garthwest. For my final major project I have explored the works of John Constable and compared his beloved Essex countryside then and now. I have used panoramas, each containing at least 20 digital photographs stitched together, to give Constable’s original and most famous paintings context. In the future I plan to create further Constable panoramas as a personal project.”

Unfortunately a little later on Wednesday I received a phone call to say that my prints were too wide for the space allocated. I wasn’t sure what to make of that as I am sure we had measured properly. I offered to go in on Thursday and spent the evening with lots of things going through my mind about what could have happened and what might have gone wrong.

On Thursday the panic was over. I arrived at college, chatted the situation through with my tutor and we agreed that although it was tight there was just enough room and the images would still look good. Several of the images were up already and looking really good, making me more excited about the show.

To hang the prints I measured 41.5cm down from the top of the wall panels so that the batons would align up with all of the other batons on the other prints in the room. There was a slight problem with this as some of the wall panels were a slightly different height to others. We also didn’t have access to a spirit level when we started as other people around the college were using them all and we couldn’t rely on using the baton to create a straight line as it was quite flexible along the length. In the end we measured, adjusted the batons using our eyes, secured it loosely while we hung the photo from it, then adjusted it where necessary before securing it properly.

Two of my prints are hung very close together. It is not ideal but I think it does give the space some impact. I have hung the prints in the order that you would walk around Flatford, beginning with The Haywain, moving on to Boat Building and over the bridge to the view of Flatford Mill.


Anete, Erin and I were there with a couple of our lecturers and by the time we finished almost all of the prints were hung to perfection. We were still waiting for one print belonging to one group member who had chosen to have a last minute photograph printed. It still wasn’t there by the time we left and with 24 hours for the glue to dry on the batons she was leaving it very late indeed. Unfortunately we were unable to hang her other prints for her in case this print didn’t arrive for whatever reason and she would have been left with a gap on the wall.

The postcards had arrived on Wednesday and while we were there on Thursday we were able to help set up a table and display them along with our written information about ourselves and our work. We also pulled out our guest book from the exhibition that we did last last year and set that on the table too.

Chatting to Erin and Anete, they are happy/sad about the exhibition. It marks the end of their three years at Hull School of Art and Design and a step out into the unknown. As I have studied part-time this year I will be back in September to complete my dissertation so it isn’t quite over for me and I can simply look forward to the degree show. We have talked about the graduation and I hope to be able to attend but of course I won’t be marking my graduation until next year when I hope that at least one or two of the class might come along to support me.

Talking of my dissertation, I have spoken to the tutor that will be supporting me through that piece of writing and have arranged to go and catch up with her later this month. We can go through my statement of intent again and see if it is still what I want to do and whether there is much that I can do before September.

For now though, I think I should just relax and get ready for tomorrow night!