Final Major Project Reflection 19

I thought I would do an update today on how we are getting on with the exhibition promotion. It is frustratingly not going as planned.

Before Easter we were to take a still life photograph that illustrated our own part of the exhibition but was not going to be part of the actual exhibition. You can see mine here. Everyone on the group was supposed to send me a copy of their image by 12th May and I would use them to design a series of posters that we could use to publicise the event.

To date I have still only received one image. One person has contacted me to say that they will not be sending me anything as they don’t feel that their image reflects their project well enough and thinks it may confuse people rather than lead them to the exhibition. Other than that, despite several group chat requests I have not received anything else.

With only mine and Anete’s photos to use I have produced the following posters.

I used a similar layout and style to last year as this seemed to work well and it builds on our established brand.

I had planned to have these printed professionally on glossy paper but given the tight timescale and the lack of enthusiasm from the rest of the group I don’t think we have the time to do that now. Disappointingly I think we will need to print them out on copier paper and make do with that.

In my frustration I put together an excel spreadsheet of what everyone needs to do for the exhibition and for when. Given the attitude from everyone else in the group I don’t suppose anyone will take any notice let alone read it, but it made me feel better. I have suggested that the person in charge of social media uploads these images to the Facebook page, and then made suggestions for other daily entries. But seeing as they have not posted anything on there so far I expect Anete and I will end up doing that too.

I have set up an event on Eventbrite and linked it to a Facebook event, this will give the group the option to invite people using both social media and email. I have sent the Facebook event invite to my contacts once and will send to them all again a week or so before the launch.

In addition I have opened up a KingdomEvent account and created some really smart email invitations that we can use to send to specific individuals. Apart from the first few free ‘stamps’ each invitation costs money which Anete and I have paid for between us, enabling us to have sent that personalised invitation to more that 60 people. Event Kingdom has a handy database that tracks who has received an invite, who has read and opened the email and also who has responded that they are coming.

We straight away had about three people tell us that they couldn’t come for various reasons, but all wished us luck with the exhibition. A few responded that they were coming immediately and most haven’t responded as yet. I intend to send the invitation again to everyone who has not responded a week before the exhibition and then send another message to all of those that have responded positively on the morning of the exhibition saying that we are looking forward to seeing them later. This should remind anyone who has forgotten about us.

Between us, Anete and I have invited almost everyone that we have come into contact with throughout the course. All of these people have been a part of our journey and should be offered the opportunity to see the final outcome of it.

The other thing that has been happening this week is that Erin has been putting together a video that highlights some of our other work. It will be played on a loop on a screen next to our information table at the exhibition.

I think Erin has done a really good job with this and it shows what everyone is doing very clearly. I like the range of images that everyone has included I think that it is a very nice collection of photographs.

At the beginning of the week we received proofs of our photographs from Ditto 4 Design. There were a few issues with a mark on one person’s photo which Ditto confessed was their fault. The major problem was that some people had submitted images in sRGB colour which is great for on screen and on websites but a printer uses CMYK colour. The difference was causing a loss of detail in some of the darker areas on some of the images. There was a bit of confusion with some group members saying that they would withdraw their images but once the people concerned had worked out how to make the changes they were uploaded again and we were all back on track.

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