Final Major Project Reflection 18

This week we went, as a group to order our prints for the exhibition. Beforehand there was a lot of back and forth on group chat about how to resize our photographs to the correct size. But in the end using Photoshop to crop and resize the image I think we all made it! Amy was working in the morning and was unable to come with us so I had asked her to contact the printer herself and arrange to get her own prints there before hand, which she did.

The photographs I have finally decided to have printed are these.

I had some trouble overlaying the painting on the photograph but one of the other lecturers at college took the time to show me how to use Photoshop and mask layers to create the effect I wanted.

At Ditto 4 Design we took it in turns to download our final photographs and have the designer there check that they were in the right format and see if there were any issues or changes that needed to be made before we paid for our prints and double checked delivery arrangements. It all went surprisingly smoothly and was actually quite fun!

The group with Lindsay at Ditto 4 Design

There had been some discussion on group chat about the need for postcards/business cards at the exhibition, mostly from one person who didn’t want them. In class we had previously agreed that we would all have some postcards printed so while we were at Ditto 4 Design we ordered those too.

These are my postcards:

Natalie has ordered our names in vinyl lettering so we squared up money with her and ticked that job off the list of things to do.

We had another chat about getting some floor stickers for the reception area floor at the exhibition. I thought we had agreed it in class but on group chat a few people were dissenting so Anete and I wanted us to come to an agreement once and for all. It turns out that only Anete and I thought it was a good idea, everyone else wasn’t really bothered and when someone suggested that they would be ok with it if someone else paid for it I thought it was time to draw a line under the idea. We took a quick vote and made the decision not to go ahead with any floor stickers.

As I missed last week’s class, being on the way to Hannah and Mike’s wedding in Oxfordshire, I also took the opportunity to catch up on what I had missed. Not a lot apparently! There are a few dates that everyone had agreed to come into college and prepare the prints for hanging, which Anete passed on to me, but that is all.

It has actually been quite a tough week. One person has not been coming to class, not been part of the decision making and is countering every choice we have made with the argument “Well I haven’t agreed to that!” In the end one or two people weighed into the conversation with some quite strong words and it seems that they have finally come around. During what has actually been a very busy week I have found all the tension quite draining.

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