Selling to Stock Photography Sites

In a previous post, Self-Promotion for Photographers, I mentioned the stock photography site Alamay and how that was probably the best site for me to start with because it offers 100% profit to its students.

While I am a student it might be quite good to take advantage of that offer but what then? The Alamay website isn’t particularly clear. It suggests that the average license selling fee is $90 but how much of that goes to the photographer I cannot see. When I look at individual images there are any number of licenses available for different uses from £9.99 to £150.00. It is all quite confusing and not easy for a busy person to get to the bottom of.

This week I have come across another stock photography site that attempts to make things clearer for everyone. Picfair offers a a single licence at a price set by the photographer. On top of that license fee they charge a 20% commission and a payment processing fee so if I were to charge £5 for my photos, they would add on £1 commission and .37p for payment processing so that my photo would be available for sale at £6.37.

The site has a very helpful area that explains all that a photographer needs to know before uploading an image and I like the idea of a catch all licence even though it doesn’t allow purchasers to use the photographs on paid for advertising (like billboards or a television advert) just yet.

I notice that they are asking for studio images on a white background, although these don’t tend to trend on the front page, they are very popular. I have some chocolate images taken on a cross-section that I may well try on there.

Chocolate Typologies
Chocolate Typology


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