Earlier this year a few of the class members volunteered to take some photos at Garthwest, a packaging and design company in Hull. The marketing manager met with us and gave us the following brief.

Garthwest Photography Brief

Executive Summary

Garthwest is undergoing a website re-launch as well as pushing to increase our social media presence. Due to the importance of visual impact of both these aspects of our business we need professional standard photography. As Garthwest places huge importance in our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) we have decide the best way to acquire this photography is to approach students, i.e. yourself, in need of corporate photography experience at Hull College.

Structure and Brief

We plan to follow this structure:

Initial Meeting

This will be an in depth discussion to give a specific brief to the photographers. As these images are being used for marketing there are specific types of image and stories we would like to tell to enhance our brand. We will also plan out our day and have an H & S discussion to make sure the photographers are compliant with our procedures on site.

Test Photo Shoot

This will be a day on site for the photographers in which they will be escorted around our site. This is intended to let them familiarise themselves with the lighting on site, machinery etc. The photos form this day will be submitted to us.

This will allow both parties to see what works best form both an artistic and marketing perspective. We will use any good images in our social media.

Final Shooting Day

Based on a pre-agreed number and types of images required the photographers will spend the day working on site. Working to a “tick list” we will make sure all required images are taken, with some scope for extra images that may happen on the day.

Examples include

  • Staff Portraits
  • Vehicles parked
  • Vehicles being loaded


After editing images will be submitted to our team for review. A full de-brief will then take place to discuss any further editing. The process will then also be examined to make improvements for the next project of this type.

We followed the above brief and feedback was very positive. The main issues that arose after our first day of photography was partly that we had caught some customer details on our images but also that our photos were picking up all the imperfections in the cleaning and tidying of the factory – not that it was particularly untidy but, for example, that palettes could have been stacked more neatly for the photographs and that roof lights.

On our final shooting day the issues that we had talked about had not been resolved in the factory so we were asked to scale back on some of what we had intended to achieve during the shoot. Despite this we were able to capture some good photographs that Garthwest would be able to use on their website and social media sites.

These are some of the photographs that I took at the final shoot.