Debi Keable

We had a visit from Debi Keable to our class last week. She is a local artist, that attended Hull College who came to tell us about how she makes her living.

After finishing college Debi was invited to join something called the Hatch Scheme where new/young artists submit a realistic business plan and receive business support, accounting advice and studio space in order to kickstart their career.

The advice she had to give was very helpful. She recommended that we get to know the ‘art scene’ and attend as many events as possible, saying that once our name is known, further work will come our way. If we sign up to as many artist newsletters, websites and blogs as possible we will begin to know what is going on and be able to attend events. She said that even if we don’t feel like going out, we should make the effort and attend as you never know when a new contact may lead to work.

We were told about the Cartwheels Workshops (CERTA, Skills for Community Arts Work Course) which are hosted in Hull by Artlink. The eight week course enables you to run art and craft workshops and at the end you are included on a database that has provided Debi with work for groups all over Hull.

Other ideas that Debi suggested included crowdfunding for arts projects, approaching local businesses to help with materials and sponsorship and using social media and particularly Twitter for networking and linking with others.

I thought it was very useful to meet Debi and in response I have emailed Artlink to see if they know of anyone who provides the course on the Humber South Bank. I have also begun to follow Debi on Twitter and Instagram.

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