Becoming the Editor of Your Blog

Another talk I went to see at the Photography Show last month was one by Catherine Connor, Founder of Aspire Photography Training who gave a talk entitled ‘Becoming the Editor of Your Blog’ and discussing how to build a brand for your blog and how to encourage engagement with loyal fans.

I was a few minutes late to this seminar but found a space at the back as she was telling everyone to share their blog to as many places as possible. She always shares her posts to Pinterest and re-shares it on as many different boards as it is suitable for. On Pinterest it will encourage others to share your information.

Connor reposts to the Aspire accounts on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Periscope.

Connor recommended that if someone comments, we should always comment back and always accept any compliments. This helps us to build a relationship with the people that are reading our work.

Another good way to increase your following is to ask other people to guest on your blog. If you ask other people to write for you, you reduce some of the workload and may pick up some of their fans too. Customers, clients and suppliers are all good advocates who can write for you.

Connor reminded us that our blog should be a gallery and not a library. Post our best work and not all of our work. Curate it as an art gallery. Don’t ever apologise for your work (“this image could be better if…” type comments).

Blog readers are generally women of all ages and Conner told us to get to know our customers. She urged us to entertain our customers and enjoy our blog. Saying that we shouldn’t make it about the words but about the message. Consider what message we are trying to get across in each blog post and ask ourselves have we inspired, informed, entertained, educated and sold in each blog. Don’t forget the blog is there to support our business, it must attract new clients and keep the clients we already have. It is ok to keep bigging yourself up.

Where possible Connor suggested that we include moving pictures. She said that customers don’t want to scroll through 70 photos but a short scrolling collage in one post and a gallery in the next will keep interest.

I do enjoy writing my blog and may continue to do something after my course has finished. I thought this was a really useful talk that actually did inspire me to keep going with it.


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