Planning my Photography Project

One of the things I have been asked to include in this reflection is a timeline of activities to show that I can plan effectively. Rather than use spreadsheets or tables in a word document I have chosen to use a programme called Asana.

It is very easy to use and there is a free version that works great for a project like this or for up to five people working collaboratively. There are mobile apps to go with the website too so that tasks can be ticked off while on the move.

After setting up a project you can easily add tasks, sub-tasks, assign them to different people, set completion dates, add notes and even attach photographs and files.

You can sort the tasks in any order and show all tasks or only incomplete tasks as seen below. Clicking on the ticks by the side of each task marks it as complete and if you are lucky a colourful unicorn helps you to celebrate your achievements!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 17.47.44

Then with all the tasks entered you can switch to calendar view and see all of your activities in a calendar. I find this useful for spreading the work out and spotting any bottlenecks. The calendar also syncs with my iCal (or Outlook) calendar so it can be seen alongside all of the other tasks and appointments that I have on during the week.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 17.48.15

Another useful feature is the project summary that includes a graph showing how many tasks you have completed and have left to complete. I have also set up a notification that sends me a copy of the summary each week. This serves as a simple regular reminder of what I need to do during the following week.

I like the flexibility of this software, I can add tasks in, delete them, move them around and change the completion date as often as I need to and it all looks neat and tidy. It has kept me on track so far with my FMP and as along as I remember to add new tasks in as soon as I know about them I’m sure it will continue to keep me focussed.

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