Final Major Exhibition

This week we spent some time discussing what we would like to do for our final major exhibition. It is going to be held on 3 June 2016 for two weeks at the Hull School of Art and Design on Queens Gardens in Hull and will be part of the final degree show for all of the courses.

We have previously agreed that we would create photographs at A0 size and that they would be mounted on foam board as we all agreed that no borders would make them all the same but also suit all of the different photographic styles. We went for large prints as we want them to have an impact as people are looking around. We feel that less is more and that fewer large photos will be better than lots of smaller images. With my photos being panoramas I can either print my photos at A0 and cut down the blank edges or go for something larger. I am tempted to go for a size that is 1.5 or even 2 A0 portrait next to each other. I don’t know if that is possible or if I would have to put a join in them and then how would that detract from the overall feel of the image?

I’m going to get prices and negotiate with the printer while others in the group are going to liaise with someone to help us hang the prints, talk to someone about projecting or display our portfolios on a screen, creating vinyl gallery stickers and any other jobs we think of.

We had a further discussion about how to hang the photos and the technician at the college is going to make us some ‘split batons.’ Half of the baton will be screwed to the wall and the other half will be glued to the back of the photos and then one half of the baton will hook onto the other causing the photos to stand proud of the wall. We liked the idea of having some distance between the photos and wall allowing visitors to focus on our images without distractions.

We should have access to a large monitor and need to consider the portfolio images that we would like to use on there. Personally I think I would like to include further images from this project and copies of the paintings I am reproducing but I will need to see what others in the group think first.

We already have a group name that we chose last year and are going to continue calling ourselves Lasting Impressions. We have a Facebook page already at and will start to post things on there soon so that we can build interest. I have updated the logo from last time and because we mainly used the red logo last time, we will pick another colour to use as the main colour this time. A square logo will be used on Facebook while the other logos can be used on leaflets and posters.

We also had a look around the space that we will be using and measured out how many photos we will have room for. Those of us that were there also picked out the spots that we preferred. We also discussed the style of photos we were taking and what would look good next to others. Eventually, we came up with the following plan.

Floor Plan

We also discussed whether we should serve food and drinks but decided we would stick with the refreshments that the college will be serving.

Finally we discussed having a table near the screen that would display our exhibition synopsis and postcards (not business cards) of our images.