Final Major Project Reflection 13

I had some good feedback this week from my tutor who seems to like the photographs that I have produced so far. In my 1 2 1 on Thursday we talked quite excitedly and could have gone on for another hour! He said he particularly liked the Lincoln Cathedral images.

49 photograph pano made of 5 rows of 7 images
49 photograph pano made of 5 rows of 7 images

We talked a bit about this image that he really liked and which I like too but sadly it hasn’t stitched together well and particularly in the bottom left corner it appears unfocussed.

I will receive written feedback from the meeting in due course with a few more hints and tips for research.

For most of this week I have been in Essex in order to take some more photos at Flatford however the weather has been so dismal that I have been unable to do so. In order to fill my time with something useful I decided to go over to Ipswich to the Christchurch Mansion where the website says they have a gallery which houses a permanent display of the largest exhibition of Constable paintings outside of London. Sadly that gallery had just closed so that they could install a temporary exhibition in their!