Irene Kung

My tutor suggested I check out Irene Kung, a Swiss photographer who photographs during the day time but in post processing transforms her images into haunting night time scenes that are often described as dreamlike but I think are more reminiscent of horror films or nightmares.

Talking about her process, Kung says “Each photo follows its own course, but in general the starting shot has to engage me in the way I spoke of earlier, as well as have the right light. In post-production I use Photoshop, exacerbating light through contrast. Then I eliminate what I’m not interested in to concentrate on the subject: I let it inspire me in a process that can be very time-consuming, but fascinating. What really counts is the final image you obtain, not what tools you use.”

I thought this short video was a good introduction to Irene Kung and her work.

As well as these photographs of buildings, Kung has collections of images depicting trees and animals.

I find Kung’s work interesting and like the way that she isolates the object that she wants to focus on but I don’t think I want to do that to my images for this particular project. I find it interesting that she converts the sky and the space around the object to black. This gives her images an unexpected and eerie feel.

I have chosen to produce my final works in black and white because I think it highlights the detail in the scene much more clearly than in colour and Kung’s photographs certainly emphasise the detail in the building, tree or animal that she has photographed.

I wonder what Kung would do with a photograph of Lincoln Cathedral or how she would edit a photograph of Constable’s Haywain?


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