Final Major Project Reflection 11

The weather was warmer and drier this weekend so I planned to take a drive over to Lincoln to try out the 6×9 Rangefinder. I loaded a film into the camera but then couldn’t take a photograph with it. The shutter button just wouldn’t press down. It was only when I took it into college that someone pointed out that I had the lock on still! Sometimes the simple things really flummox me!

While I was in Lincoln I visited the Usher Gallery and had a look at some great paintings of the Cathedral by Peter De Wint, Lowry and William Logsdail among others.

I also practised taking some more panorama photographs of the Cathedral using my digital camera. Because the Cathedral is so tall I tried taking lots of sweeps and joined the panorama both horizontally and vertically. Although the images have lots of detail in them, the taller images are distorted. The best photos are those with fewer horizontal rows.

I printed a few of the photos out on A2 paper this week to see what they would look like. The photograph of Alkborough is disappointing and would need to be printed out much, much larger if the detail is to be seen. I’m pleased with the detail in the other Lincoln panoramas and just now need to think a bit more about proportion and what width by height will look good in the space that I will be exhibiting in.

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