Final Major Project Reflection 9

I discussed the idea of doing panorama photographs with my tutor and some of my classmates. It seems to have gone down ok but it looks like the only way I am going to be able to do it is by taking several photos and stitching them together.

I still want to use film so I am going to experiment with a 6×9 Fuji Rangefinder camera that we have available to borrow from the college stores. It is classed as a medium format camera so the negatives will be quite large and have plenty of detail in them. I will need to scan them into the computer and stitch them together in photoshop to get the panoramas though.

We also talked about nodal points which I still haven’t really got my head around. Despite that I have been to Alkborough flats and practised taking photos for a panorama using my usual camera and a nifty bracket that my tutor lent me. I can attach it to the underside of my camera making it stand backwards of the tripod to compensate for the distortion that can occur as you sweep the camera round. You can see more in the blog entry Alkborough Panorama.