Final Exhibition Research

Apart from the final exhibition at college we have been considering possible venues for an external exhibition.

Currently I am working with Anete and Erin as we feel our photographs will work well together, that we will be able to work well together and we have similar ideas about what we would like to achieve.

We are currently keen to display large format prints in a bright space that allows a good viewing distance and is close to college so that visitors can visit the exhibition in both places one after the other.

Later in the week we are planning to visit some or all of the following.

  • Heaven – the coffee shop where we held our second year exhibition
  • Union Mash Up – an elegant venue with a screen and projector included, but not loads of wall space and the only visitors are people attending events at the venue. It may be too far away from the college exhibition for people to visit.
  • Library – a good exhibition space, light and spacious but situated between the cafe and toilets so while there is good footfall there is also a lot of distracting noise.
  • Fruit – a popular cultural bar and event venue with good wall space, although the wall is painted with a mural.
  • Thieving Harry’s – a busy bar and restaurant but we are unsure about how much wall space might be available, if any. Could be used with Fruit?
  • Pop Gallery – A great space but it gets booked up quickly so we will need to move quickly if we want to exhibit here.
  • Red Gallery – a small gallery that has three rooms, it is on a back street with not much passing footfall but still a good potential venue.
  • ArtLink – a community arts centre with a good gallery space, could also be a good venue for networking.
  • Kingston Art Group – without visiting many of the venues, this is probably our favourite venue so far. It has a great exhibition space, near Fruit and Thieving Harry’s in a cultural part of town and is surrounded by art workshops.

I think it is worth visiting all of the venues as even if some are not suitable for this exhibition, they may be suitable for something I do in the future.

Update: Given the cost of my prints for the final exhibition I will not be doing a second external exhibition. Instead I will consider these venues for a second exhibition at a later date.