Final Major Project Reflection 8

The weather has been very poor over the past few weeks that I haven’t been able to get out and take any photos for my FMP. My family has also been plagued with various illnesses over the holiday and I have been on babysitting duty for much of the time.

I did set out for a coastal walk on Christmas Eve but it was so windy that it turned into a bit of a drive, stopping at various spots, running out for a few minutes and then racing back to the car.

See Coast Drive, Clacton in the Wind and Kite Surfers for a few images from that experience.

I also managed a short walk on Boxing Day with the family but that was more about getting some fresh air than focussed photography.

Instead I have spent what little time I have had doing some desk research. I looked up some of the famous landscape photographers, Ansel Adams, Andreas Gursky, Sebastião Salgado and Mario Giacomelli to name a few. But it is Lois Connor’s photographs that I found most interesting. She takes 7×17 panoramic photographs that are platinum printed and look fantastic.

I don’t think I can stretch to platinum prints for my FMP but I have been wondering whether I can get hold of a panoramic camera and take these constable prints using that. I shall chat it through with my lecturer this week.

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