Lois Connor

Lois Connor is a New York based photographer that is known for her black and white 7″ x 17″ large format panoramic platinum prints. She has photographed and exhibited internationally but she has a real affinity for China and has photographed the country extensively.

Connor sensitises all of her paper with platinum in order to print the photographs herself. With the ease of digital this is part of the process that isn’t often focussed on these days.

These are a few of my favourite Connor photographs.

This is a nice video interview in which Conner explains her background and how she became interested in the Ming Dynasty and came to photograph so much in China.

I really like the look of these large panoramic, black and white film photographs. The detail is incredible, the large scale is impressive and because they are in black and white they have a timeless quality. Many of the images include movement because of they have a long exposure which gives them a sense of fluidity.

I wonder if I can do something similar with my FMP Constable images. I’d certainly like to do something that includes this kind of detail and is viewed in large scale. It would certainly solve the problem of me not being able to fit everything I want to into the camera frame.

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