Final Major Project Reflection 6

I have finally got some feedback for my project idea!!! And what is more, my tutor seems to quite like it.

My tutor has suggested that instead of keep travelling to Flatford, I could perhaps practise by photographing the landscapes painted by a more local artist. He suggested Lester Sutcliffe who painted several scenes around Whitby. However Whitby is a good two and half hours drive away and that is a little further that I would want to travel for a practise.

I have done some research and found a more local painter called Peter De Wint (1784-1849) who although born in Staffordshire lived in Lincolnshire after he married. He made several paintings of the Lincolnshire landscape and of Lincoln and the cathedral and a collection of his paintings are on permanent display in The Collection (used to be the Usher Gallery). I think De Wint’s work will be a much more practical subject for me to research and photograph.

I have planned to go to Flatford this weekend to visit some of the Constable locations and, if it stops raining, to take some test photographs. I shall also visit the National Trust Visitors Centre and see when I might be able to exhibit my photographs there.