G F Smith

GF Smith is a Hull company that makes high quality paper. Part of their business, GF Smith Photographic is targeted directly towards professional photographers for whom they supply a range of albums, fames and mounts and competes with companies like Loxley Colour and Graphi Studio.

Their thought is that the wedding market is declining although some photographers at the top end are still earning a good living. They advise that we always print our work out and recommend their albums as a good way to store and preserve photos that otherwise may remain hidden on hard drives or, as technology upgrades, eventually be lost altogether.

They also recommended their range of cardboard mounts, some that can be embossed or foiled, for use at events.

Their albums can be produced using their PPS Software that is downloaded from their website. I believe it allows basic adjustments like cropping and adding shadows and includes a number of page layouts and album sizes.

All albums can be printed on matt, gloss, fine art or metallic paper. Both the matt and the gloss paper are lovely but the fine art paper, made from very soft fibres shows a lot more detail and a wider range of tones that was particularly obvious in black and white photos. The metallic paper is almost like super glossy paper, it is very shiny and looked great for some coloured photographs.

We had a long chat about colour profiles and how to calibrate our computer monitor. In order to judge the colour of the prints GF Smith have offered to print a 20 x 16 photograph and then reprint it if it is not the colour we expected. Now my problem is going to be which photograph to send them!