Website Feedback

I have valued the feedback that I have received from others on the course, all of it has been very positive and I have included many of their suggestions in the site.

Feedback has included:

  • I like how when you click on the photos they become larger
  • The bright colour backgrounds are eye-catching!
  • Good that you have separated your photos into groups
  • Very independent work, I love it!
  • Writing/text is a bit small – I have since increased the font size
  • Good idea, instead of pages have different urls.
  • Why orange? – because this is the colour I designed my commercial stationary in last semester.
  • Wow, very mature – I am a bit old!
  • I like the icons and the colour themes
  • You should put your logo on the corner of pics so no one can steal them – I have begun to do this and will go back and watermark the older photos on the site.
  • Travel ‘Buy Now’ images link to Photobox (put favourites first) – I have added a ‘Buy Now’ button to some of the travel photos and linked it through to my SmugMug account where the photos can be bought and printed by a pro lab.
  • Contact details on each – at first I was loath to do this as I really wanted a simple site with as few pages as I possibly could and I have included contact icons on the bottom of every page but I relented and have included a contact me page near the Journal
  • Nice neutral background
  • Very spacious, not overcrowded
  • Very interesting website, lots to look at.
  • Cute cheery music for the video
  • Cool that you can buy books and prints, makes it look professional
  • Love the separate website for each section
  • Love the range of images
  • Video, comparing to website, not enough ‘you’ in it. Your experience is too colourful for one minute!
  • Great website but a little too busy, especially the travel section, could you add a side bar for each section – I’m looking into this.
  • Love the colours for each page, especially the wildlife, it really compliments the photos
  • Logo looks really neat
  • Maybe put email button in a separate place as its under ‘follow’ and may confuse stupid people – good point. I’ve re-labelled it.
  • Good ‘shop’
  • Videos are so cool!!!
  • All pages show that you can do anything.

That last comment has really boosted my confidence.