The final photograph in our photo challenge assignment is to recreate this photograph of someone looking at a laptop.


I thought this would be the easiest of the three challenges however I had not bargained on such an uncooperative model! I set the room up with a laptop positioned in front of the camera which was set on a tripod. I turned up the brightness on the laptop and set the camera at ISO50 and 6 sec at f4.5.

I asked my husband to sit in front of the laptop and imitate the pose on the screen. I explained that I wanted to try and take the photograph at ISO50 to reduce the noise in the image and that he would have to stay very still for what would seem to be a long time. This he tried to do but the final image wasn’t perfectly sharp.

I increased the ISO, first to 400, then 800 and finally 1600 adjusting the camera to 0.5sec at f4.

The other issue I had was that my husband insisted on watching the television while I took the photograph. The colours cast by the television meant that I needed to wait until there was a neutral scene in order to take the photograph. When his programme had finished and I was finally able to turn the television off it was much easier to control the light.

These are a few of my test shots on a contact sheet.


This is my final image next to the original.