Artist Statement

I have chosen not to write a single artist statement for my website but instead to include specific statements for each area of the site.

In writing the statements I have firstly considered who will be reading the information and what they may wish to know. I have explained what services I can offer, why they should consider me to take their photographs and what style of photographs I take.

For example the wedding and portrait site is targeted at couples planning to get married and so my statement on this page includes information about where I am based and where I am prepared to work and how I am prepared to journey with the bride and groom throughout their day.

I have written very little about my experience as I don’t feel that I have a lot of experience to write about on the weddings site but I hope this will be something that I can include when I review the website in a couple of months. On the documentary and commercial site I have included a short list of previous commissions.

For each statement I have reviewed and re-worded the paragraphs until I am satisfied that they are clear, concise and easy to read and understand, even cutting out whole paragraphs that do not add anything to the main message.

I have found this quite difficult to do. I don’t really like writing about myself or ‘bigging myself up’ but as that it what is needed here, I’ve had to do it. I have asked friends to read and critique what I have written and made adjustments after taking their feedback into account. Generally their feedback has been that I need to blow my own trumpet more