Mobile Phone

Our second photo challenge was to recreate this photograph of a mobile phone.


Like the white cup, this two looks easy at first glance but was actually quite tricky.

I set up the phone my phone on a sheet of white perspex on a table with the camera directly in front and one single lamp above with a large softbox on it to give soft lighting.I was using my 50mm lens so, considering the depth of field, I positioned the tripod and phone so that I could focus about a third of the way into the phone, keeping the whole phone in focus. I metered the light, checked the histogram and finally decided to set my camera at ISO50 and 3 sec at f20, this would allow the flash to go off and the camera to remain open momentarily in order to capture more light and detail from the phone’s screen.

The original picture has a reflection of the softbox going across one corner to illustrate that the screen is reflective. I spent nearly an hour moving the light, up and down, this way and that trying to get that line and just could not manage it.

These are a few of my test shots on a contact sheet.


This is my final image next to the original.