SEO and Website Keywords

Optimising the website so that it can be found easily by websites feels really complicated but it has been made easier by the Moonfruit software I have used.

First, I checked through the whole website and made sure that all the links were working. Broken links can cause search engines to hit a dead end and stop searching.

then I typed a few search phrases into Google and noted the page titles and descriptions of the websites at the top of the results. I used these as inspiration for my own page titles and descriptions.

A couple of examples I liked include:

Page title: Wedding Photography Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe, Hull …

Page Description: Henden are among the top wedding photographers within Lincolnshire. Covering nationwide. Wedding photography in Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Hull, Grimsby.


Page title: Andy’s Wedding Photos: Wedding Photographer in Lincoln …

Page Description: Are you looking for a wedding photographers in Lincoln, Scunthorpe? Great prices on wedding photography and event photography. Call 01724 764 134.

For each of the page titles I described the page, included keywords and my website name as this is used by every search engine listing. As well as appearing in search engine listings the page title also appears at the top of the browser window. The optimum page title length being between 65 and 75 characters.

On the home page I have used the following title: Wedding, portrait, documentary and travel photography by AJR Photographs.

The page description doesn’t really have an impact on search engine listings but if i say the right thing in it, it may inspire someone to click on my link as they look through the listing. Between 150 and 160 characters is ideal for the page description.

In the home page I have used the following page description: AJR Photographs offers friendly and professional documentary wedding and humanitarian travel photography in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, around the UK and overseas.

I can set these for each page and I can also set these for the site as a whole.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 18.08.52I understand that keywords are used less by the search engines these days but there is still an option to include some that are relevant to my site. Keywords are also useful if I choose to do some online advertising. Using two or three-word phrases improves your chances of ranking highly as these phrases attract fewer competing companies and sites, and can be more specific to your market. The goal is to find keywords and terms relevant to what I offer, that have a high search volume and low competition.

To help me choose the best keywords, I logged into Google Adwords and chose Tools / Keyword Planner and then Search for new keyword and ad group ideas. Going to the ‘Keyword Ideas’ tab there was a list of relevant keywords and phrases that people have been searching for on Google along with information about how many people had searched for each phrase and what kind of competition there is from other businesses.

I looked through the results searching out phrases that have a high number of people searching for it and low competition. Many times it is a compromise as the more familiar search terms are usually faced with lots of competition. But by tweaking the search terms I came up with the following list for use on the home page:

  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding reportage
  • Lincolnshire or Yorkshire
  • Travel photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Documentary photography

I used this information to help me create unique names as well as descriptions and keywords for each of the pages across the site. I will be able to monitor and track the success of this using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools which are all free pieces of software.

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