Beverley Races

This afternoon a couple of us went on a photographic excursion to Beverley Races. I have never been to a horse racing meeting before and didn’t know what to expect so also didn’t have much of a plan for what I might photograph.

I arrived early and had a good scout around to find good vantage points for photographing the races, but also where I might capture a flavour of the atmosphere. It would mean walking around the site a fair bit between the races but to be fair, I could do with the exercise!

I used various lenses and camera settings depending on what I was photographing. When concentrating on the races and the horses I found it easiest to use shutter priority and continuous shooting modes. For other photographs I switched back to single shot mode and either manual or aperture priority.

These are a few of the many photographs I took today.

At one point I found myself talking to a senior man who has been a fan of horse racing all his life and was able to answer some of my questions about what was going on during the afternoon. He is part owner of a race horse and urged me to follow it through the season. Exotic Guest is next running on Saturday in Thirsk, so I shall have to be sure to look up how it gets on.

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