Hull KR v St Helens

This week I was asked to return to the KC Lightstream Stadium and take some more behind the scenes photos at Hull KR’s game against St Helens.

This time, as well as capturing the general going’s on I planned to try and capture more of the emotion in the crowd. The match, was at night so I increased my ISO in order to compensate for the reduced light. At times I also had to use a wide aperture in order to capture the actions, this gave a narrow depth of field and enabled me to focus on one or two subjects with the crowd.

I again chose to use my Sony A77 with the 18 to 200 lens as this would give me the best wide angle and zoom but this time also swapped to use my 50 to 300mm lens so that I could take photos of one stand from another and be as unobtrusive as possible. I also used short bursts of continuous shooting so that I wouldn’t miss the key moments.

These are a few of the images I took this time.

Again, there wasn’t a lot of post-processing that I needed to do. There was a lot of editing and sifting out the photos that I had taken on continuous shooting though. There was the usual cropping and straightening and as I was shooting in different types I lighting I used the basic editing, camera calibration and sync tools to correct the colour.