ID2: The Sequel

I was recently given the opportunity to take some photograph on the set of a new movie that is being filmed in Hull. ID2: The Sequel is a follow on from a cult classic about football hooliganism. I was asked to take photos that could be used by Universal to help promote the film.

It wasn’t really what I expected. I needed to borrow a Canon camera and lenses from the college as these are particularly quiet and wont be picked up by the sensitive microphones on set. As the first scene was in a tight space and the camera man would be filming in a 360 degree range I wasn’t actually able to be near the actors, instead I found myself sitting on a table leaning over a window on a balcony trying to catch the action from above. One short scene seemed to go on fro absolutely ages as they filmed each action from several angles.

The second scene I attended was in Beverley, by a barge on the canal. I photographed a short scene at the beginning of the day and then hung around all day until I was able to photograph another short scene at the end of the day.

I am unable to post any photos here as I have signed them all over to Universal and it is all hush hush until the film is released. The only exception is this one photograph that I took and sent on to the Hull Daily Mail for publication yesterday. See the article here.

Simon Rivers filming ID2 on the MVSyntan in Beverley

It was a great opportunity to see what happens on a film set and to chat with producer Patrick Cassaveti, who trained in photography, about a career photographing on film sets.