Hull KR v Wigan

This week I was asked to take some behind the scene photos at Hull KR’s Lightstream Stadium during some of their matches. I had previously met with some of the media and design team to discuss the club’s requirements. The photographs will be used in Hull KR’s posters and publicity.

As a bit of research I attended the match against Wigan. I had a tour of the stadium and was then given permission to wander around and take photos of the crowd, the family area and in fact almost anything apart from the action on the pitch which was being photographed by others. I was really enjoying myself until the bitterly cold weather forced me inside. It has given me a good idea of the shots I want to take next time when I do it for real.

I chose to use my Sony A77 with the 18 to 200 lens as this would give me the best wide angle and zoom without the need to keep changing lenses. These were going to be test shots so I set the camera on Aperture priority and started with an aperture of F11.

These are a few of the images I took this time.

The photographs are going to be used in colour and there wasn’t a lot of post-processing that I needed to do. There was the usual cropping and straightening and to correct a couple of converging verticals. It was a very dull cloudy day so where the sky looked particularly dark I tried to brighten it a little being careful not to allow clipping in the lighter tones.

In the camera calibration part of Lightroom I also increased the blue saturation slightly. Not only does it make the blues look brighter it really makes the red of the Rover’s kit pop.