Wedding Recommitment

A few weeks ago I was asked to take photographs at a wedding recommitment service at a local church.

The brief was to take a portrait photograph of each of the seven couples so that the church could present each couple with a framed memento of the day.

I visited the church a week or so beforehand to check out the room and finalise details with the team there. It was agreed that I would take a couple of studio lights and a backdrop that hid the orange wallpaper in the room. I was to arrive and set up anytime before the service started at 10.00.

On the day, I arrived at the church at 8.30 and began to set up. I was shortly after advised that the couples were beginning to arrive and as there wouldn’t be much time after the service, would I take photographs before the service started. I was also told that I had free reign to wander around the church and take photographs during the service – I took that to mean that they would like informal photos of the service as well as the portraits!

When the couples arrived, so did their families and I was asked to include children and grandchildren in the portraits too. This caused a problem because the background I had brought was only really wide enough for two people. I photographed smaller groups where I could and explained the situation to those families that insisted that I photograph a larger group.

I had some trouble avoiding the very bright spotlights in the church but in the end I managed to capture the photographs that the church wanted, most of what the family wanted and get some nice informal photos of the service.