Fiona and Paul Wedding

Last month I took the photos at Fiona and Paul’s wedding. While it was a lovely day for the bride and groom for the photographer it threw up a few tricky issues.

Inside the church there is no natural light and the artificial light is fairly dim but I didn’t want to use too high an ISO as I didn’t want too much grain in the final images.

Being the middle of winter and the wedding not starting until 2.00pm it was getting dark as we left the church. Whisked the couple away to quiet spot for a few couple photos but it was cold so I had to work very quickly to get the shots that I wanted.

Finally all the formal photos had be taken inside the reception. I used two lights with softboxes to light a small area against a brick wall between a bookshelf and a nasty thick black wire than ran down the wall. All of the groups had to fit into this small space or the images would need some heavy editing. Thankfully there were only a few occasions where I didn’t get it right.

I had been given a list that was 3 sheets of A4 long detailing the group photos that the couple wanted, so again I had to work fast and make use of the best man and one or two others to queue up the guests ready for the next photo.

These are just a few of my favourites.

Alongside the wedding photographs I also created a wedding website for the couple at and a slideshow of some of their photographs.

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