India Book

This week, while there was an offer on books at Photobox,  I very quickly put together a 100 page book of photos that I took in India earlier this year.

Usually I would say that less is more, but on this occasion I wanted to include as many of my photos as I could. As well as an aide to my memory, it also needs to be a tool that I can use to tell other people about what happens on these type of trips.

I only had a couple of hours to put this together and I have since spotted a couple of photos where they haven’t been centred all that well but overall, I’m quite pleased with it.

Update: I received my book this weekend and am very pleased with it. The print is so much better than I had with the KCFM blurb book. It is a hardback book with a lamination on the cover and the pages are nice and bright with good clarity. I would definitely use Photobox again.