KCFM Station

I have made several visits to KCFM to take photographs around the station for my documentary project. I tried to attend at different times of day in order to photograph what was happening throughout the day. I have also tried to get some detail shots as well as some wider views that show some context.

Lighting is different in some of the studio photos as different presenters like to work in different lighting conditions. The breakfast show presenter likes it to be very bright as it helps him wake up in the morning. As the day goes on though, presenters dim the lights to help them focus on the screens better.

The team at KCFM have checked and approved all of these photos for use in my project and to be posted on my blog. They wanted to double check that there was no confidential information on display in any of the images.

This has been one of the easiest projects that I have done in terms of getting the photos that I wanted. I have enjoyed my time with the team at KCFM and there has been no conflict at all. Once or twice someone has asked me to not use a photo because they didn’t like the way they appeared in it but I have simply pointed out that it is for my assignment and if it fits with the final images then I may have to use it. Even this hasn’t really been an issue.