Know Your Camera – Slow Shutter Speed

For the slow shutter speed part of the Know Your Camera Assignment I had planned to take photos of some of some of the house Christmas lights that are around the town at this time of year. However after rooting around in the garage for something I thought I would take my camera in there and have a go at some slow shutter speed photography.

Slow Shutter Speed
Slow Shutter Speed

I saw this welding mask hanging from the roof in front of a row of heat exchangers. It was in front of a window, the blind was closed but there was a shaft of light coming in from the edge of it.

I wanted the depth of field to be fairly wide and I was several feet away so I set the aperture to f11 and the shutter speed to 20s.

In Lightroom I changed the RAW file to black and white and increased the contrast a fraction.

Although this is my favourite of the images I took, I spent some time taking other photos too, some at even slower shutter speeds.