Wedding Tags

This weekend I took the official photos at a friend’s wedding. I thought it would be a good opportunity to promote myself and perhaps make a little money through the sale of the photos.

It was quite a large wedding with over 250 invited guests so I needed to find an affordable solution. In the end I decided to create some half size business cards that showed the web address of where guests could see the official wedding photos. They were sized at 85cm x 27.5cm and printed on both sides on standard business card stock of 300gsm. If I was paid for photographing a wedding I would include the cost of textured, embossed or even laminated cards in my fee but as I was photographing voluntarily on this occasion I kept things basic.

The cards were designed in Illustrator using the purple and blue branding that I have chosen and included a photograph of the couple that I took at their engagement. I had them printed at KallKwik in Hull.

WeddingTags_Bus Card Insert Front
Wedding Tag

The cards were left casually on tables and available on a table by the door near a basket of wedding favours for guests to collect on their way out.

The cards seemed to go very well. At one point I went around the room and gave out some cards personally; they were well received with several people saying that they looked forward to seeing the official photos. Only one person gave the card back to me saying “you haven’t taken my photo so I won’t take a card.”

Because I knew there were going to be a lot of guests at the wedding I had 200 cards printed. I had a lot left over so in the future I think I will only need to have enough cards printed for just over half of the guests. Many of the guests at weddings are couples or families and only need one card between them.

I designed the cards with 3mm of bleed all around them but they have been cut very closely to some of the words, possibly because of the way that the printer laid out multiple copies before he printed them.

I also needed to proof read the cards a little more thoroughly as I have since found an error in the phone number on the cards.