Know Your Camera – Autofocus

For the first part of our Know Your Camera assignment we have been concentrating on autofocus. It can be useful and its sometimes quicker and more accurate than manual focus.

With my camera set on autofocus, at its widest aperture and a medium telephoto I found a smallish subject close to the camera and a background with some detail in it. Then with the subject positioned at one edge of the frame I was asked to make two images, one with the subject in focus and the other with the background in focus.

I had a wander round a dilapidated graveyard and took these two photographs.

The first focuses on the moss on the edge of the grave while the second focuses on the urn, the dead plants and other graves in the background. To achieve this I focused my camera on the moss then locked it in position while I framed the shot and then took the photo. Staying where I was I then pressed the focus again and took the second image.

In Lightroom I changed the image to black and white and increased the contrast. In black and white the lines of the graves are emphasised and you are not distracted by the colours of the grasses and dead plants.

Autofocus-1 Autofocus-2