Hessle Christmas Lights

After the light switch on at the Freedom Centre I moved on to Hessle. It was much busier here and because of the crowds I struggled to find a parking space and arrived just after the lights had been switched on.

The set up here was much bigger. There was a large stage with barriers around it in the middle of the square and lots of food and market stalls around.

The street team here had already given out most of their KCFM flags and were all on stage with Matt Hutchinson the presenter from the breakfast show and Nancy Birtwhistle, the winner from this year’s Great British Bake Off.

I took a few photos when they came off the stage and then focussed on the crowd and the other acts. The lighting on the stage was much better here in Hessle than it had been at the Freedom Centre and it was much easier to get clear photos of the acts on the stage.

These are a few of the photos that I took at Hessle last night, some of which will be suitable for my Documentary Assignment.