Freedom Centre Christmas Lights

Last night I went with the KCFM Street Team to photograph them supporting the Christmas light switch on event at the Freedom Centre in Hull for my Documentary Assignment.

The Freedom Centre is a small shopping centre that had set up a small stage outside with stalls and children’s activities around it. The Freedom Centre had been running an X Factors style music competition and the winners were all due to perform at the event which was to be hosted by Paul Woodford, one of the weekend presenters at KCFM.

I didn’t want to use a flash so I began by turning up the ISO on my camera. I didn’t really want too much grain so I tried both ISO3200 and ISO6400. I changed both the Aperture and the Shutter Speed depending on where I was pointing the camera.

I began by photographing the street team giving out flags to children and trying to capture some photos of the children waving flags. It was very difficult because of the darkness and the speed at which children move!

The area in front of the stage was very dark and the stage was lit mainly by some coloured lights but also from behind by some strip lighting from a room at the back of the stage. I needed to keep moving in order to get into a position where I could photograph what was going on on the stage without being caught in the glaring lights.

These are some of the photos that I took last night.

There were fewer people at the Freedom Centre than I would have expected but the acts that performed were very good. I stayed for a couple of hours and left just before the lights were actually switched on in order to get over to Hessle and capture some of the activities that KCFM were involved with over there. KCFM were also at  Hedon and Goole for their light switch on events but I was unable to get around them all in one evening.

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