Rush Hour

For the final part of my Interpretations assignment I went along to the railway station in Scunthorpe to take some photographs during the rush hour. Due to the number of people  in the town working shifts the rush hour is not as noticeable as it might be in other towns and cities but there still plenty of people getting on and off the train at 6.00 ish.

With only three passenger trains coming through each hour, and two of them coming in at the same time, I only had a short window in which to take my pictures. I positioned myself ready for the first train but it stopped much further along the platform than I anticipated. Consequently I found myself in the wrong place and only managed to get a couple of photos of people marching towards me.

On the other, busier, platform I sat on a bench behind the people waiting to get on. I decided that I wanted to stay low and try to capture the movement of either the train or the commuters. I had my camera on multiple exposure and rattled off a few photographs. The very last one I took was my favourite.

On the way to the railway station I took the opportunity to take a few photographs of the cars queuing and going through one of the busy crossings in the town. I didn’t have a tripod with me so they have all been taken with my camera resting on my hat on my camera bag. Unfortunately without my tripod I couldn’t get into a clear position to be able to shoot the traffic without the wall obscuring much of the road.

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