Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a full time accountant based in Manchester who is noted for his photographs of homeless people.

His project is called Lost Angels and has taken him around Europe and America where he has spent time with people who are homeless and understanding how they have come to be in that situation.

For the latest part of the project he has been to Miami and spent time photographing Ms Stevens and her friends who live in an abandoned garage selling their bodies for sex in order to fund their drug habit.

I think these photos are stunning, the detail in them really shows the character of the person and something of the life they have lived. Jeffries doesn’t shy away from emphasising the creases and wrinkles which tells us something of the tough life that has been lived. On the screen they have a kind of metallic feel to them as if they have been etched into a sheet of silver making them seem ethereal. Others have described them as spiritual.

I’m not sure that any of the photos tell the whole truth about their subject, they look as though they have had plenty of post production work. However in every photograph the subject’s eyes are very telling, there is a kind of hopelessness and a look of someone that is trapped or caged with no chance of escape and that, I think, is a truth about these people.

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