Business Card Design

As a photographer in a creative industry, I want my business cards to be creative and to stand out. I’m not going to be part of a large organisation where my business cards need to conform to a standard format so I want them to reflect who I am and what I do.

The standard size for a business card is 85mm x 55mm, usually in landscape but it doesn’t have to be. I have seen cards of various shapes, sizes and with bits cut out or added on to them.

Square Business Cards

With rounded corners and a calendar

Folded Business Cards

Viewfinder Business Cards

Mini Business Cards

Fun Business Cards

Wooden Business Cards

Musical Business Cards

Here are a few cards I like that I think are targeted at a similar market to the one I want to target.


I’ve also checked out ‘The Best of Letterhead Design’ which has some good examples of well designed and innovative business cards.